I used to think that everyone’s natural instinct was to be kind and found it strange when I saw people being mean. I’ve never considered being nasty...Read more

Today is my birthday, a day to celebrate my journey and the person I’ve become. From the very beginning, I've embraced life with gratitude, always f...Read more

The sun had barely risen over the dusty hills of Plateau State, casting a golden glow over the small town of Jos. But for Panshak, the day had alrea...Read more

Two weeks ago, while my sister washed at the back of the house, I stood by the kitchen window watching her and just looking around at the trees and ...Read more

As people grow up, they often dream about the freedom and independence that come with adulthood. The idea of making one's own decisions, earning mon...Read more


He let out a long sigh and relaxed in Rizpah’s arms, his brown eyes still open and fixed on Atretes. “He’s gone,” Rizpah whispered, fear coursing th...Read more


A struggling hairdresser finds a renewed sense of purpose when she meets a widowed father working hard to care for his two daughters. With the young...Read more

I got a bottle in my hand  Two on my left side  And perhaps seven more on my mind But none of them has proven to give me my peace of mind&...Read more

Envy is green It’s the colour we’ve always known It’s the colour it’s always been But how did it come to be? Of that I am unsure Why not blue, black...Read more

Strangers leave within me, both says the other is wrong, so who is right? I'm stock within their web, a prisoner of my own mind. I stand intertwined...Read more


The 30th of May-5th ofJune 2024 was a horrible period for students of Unilorin( popularly called the ‘Better by Far’ University) residing on Campus....Read more

Undertaker, I burn calculators,  Just searching for papers, in this Acres, We're acting like slaves man, in this endless game, Chasing papers, ...Read more


"Burdened with a glorious purpose, I carry the weight of my calling with every step. It's a burden that's not burdensome, but life-giving. For I kno...Read more


You want me back You never made an effort to keep me before  Why now? What do you want from me? Do you want to see me crumble again when you le...Read more

  In the heart of an ornate cage, woven from gilded bars, a bird sat perched, her vibrant feathers a stark contrast to the confining metal that...Read more

OMOTAYO Omo mi,my child of joy Appeared like the sun during my stormy times Smiles from the heavens enough to make my troubled heart melt Mo ti fera...Read more

As we surface through the face of Faceless time, He finds himself lost in the lines that now define. The wrinkles that whisper the wisdom he's gaine...Read more

The worst pain I have felt as a writer... I wanted to post a write-up early. The words were flowing from my head as I typed. I stopped to read what ...Read more


"The presence of peace doesn't mean there's no war in the hearts of men, and the absence of war doesn't mean there's peace. The calm before the stor...Read more

He's always been told that blood is thicker than water, but his life has been a contradiction to this age-old adage. His blood ain't blood, and his ...Read more