It is darkest before the dawn And then I shall be gone,Running into the throbbing of the sea or the rushing of the windAnd perhaps the frangnac...Read more


Cooking something interesting 


Why do you call my name so? Though we're miles apart, Our hands can't touch, But our hearts link up. We're singing different son...Read more


As I write this, there's a bowl of spaghetti that would have tasted better if I cooked it, and I am tired. Anyways, welcome to the life of a pr...Read more


There's something we look for in every new one. I'm pretty sure it's the fragments of goodness from the old ones we've lost. You can never find her,...Read more


Life is not a race.Take your time to write your history before you get erased.Every journey has it's glory,Get on track and maybe one day the world will celebrate your story.


22nd March 2024,It's no news that I have a coconut head, right? The Igbos would say their personal God, "Chi", determines what happens to them, how ...Read more


27th March 2024,I like life, but sometimes the reality of life hits hard. It's painful and not easy to digest. Sometimes, I want to disappear for lo...Read more


The noise in my head grows louder every day. I fail to notice the little things around me and I no longer pray.Sometimes I shot my eyes and tak...Read more


I guess when it's eleven we'll all be ready, awaiting the opening of the sky and the white bright light with angles sounding the golden trumpets.Is ...Read more


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Me, silence, a book and a pen.That's all it takes for me to fall into a world of infinite possibilities. A world controlled by my words written...Read more


In the still of night, when raindrops fall, And darkness wraps its shroud around all, The world is hushed, by the storm's soft call, In the embr...Read more


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In the town where stories come alive, A bold young man, in strides, does thrive. His eyes, a flame that lights the air, A tale of dreams, beyond com...Read more


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Software Applications are often developed by taxable individuals or companies who in turn remit to the government in the form of taxes based on the ...Read more